Installation of rvm erroring out in Catalina - Ruby 2.3.x - How to solve them?

If you had recently updated your macOS to Catalina and then faced problem with installing certain versions of ruby because of random error, pls try the following.

If you are getting the following error, while doing a rvm install

Error running '__rvm_make -j8',

Try the following:

Possiblility is that because of openssl 1.1. OpenSSL 1.1 is not compatible with the ruby compilation during the rvm install.

First install openssl 1.0 using macports

$ sudo port install openssl10

Now install (reinstall) the ruby using rvm with openssl pointing to the macports version

$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/local/lib/openssl-1.0/pkgconfig rvm reinstall 2.3.7 --with-openssl-lib=/opt/local/lib/openssl-1.0 --with-openssl-include=/opt/local/include/openssl-1.0

Just ensure that the openssl from macports is installed into /opt/local/lib/openssl-1.0

Hope this helps.

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